TV Review: Line of Duty – Series 2

The 2nd season of Line of Duty finished this week with even more twists and turns in the last episode.

After the intense and intricate interrogation scenes of the previous shows, the pace definitely picked up a notch. We finally have answers but we don’t have closure – those we liked are punished (yes she was guilty but, in my opinion, the end justified the means to some extent), the real villains are still free (and even closer to their hunters for Series 3) and justice of a sort was kind of done.

There are no men in white hats in Line of Duty – all of the characters are positioned somewhere along a continuum from guilt to innocence with Tommy at one end through calculated crooks like Cottan and killers Cole and Prasad through to Ted Hastings, an old-fashioned good guy whose one mistake cost him his marriage.

An aside here – people have been praising Keeley Hawes (and rightly so) but Adrian Dunbar as AC-12 boss Hastings portrayed a man who has lost his golden future and has been forced to do deals with people he detests like Prasad with mainly facial movements –  a stare or a raise of an eyebrow. He deserves a prize too.

There was some light at the end of the tunnel – Carly Kirk is alive and well and living in Ireland and Arnott and Fleming are pals again.

Series one of Line of Duty was captivating but series two was more enigmatic and less sensationalised, it was quieter and more reflective but totally captivating – the game has moved from poker to chess. What will Jed Mercurio come up for series three?


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