2 Crime Fiction Short Story Seasons on BBC Radio 4 & BBC Radio 4 Extra


The pick of Oxfam’s most recent short story collection (available until mid-March 2015 for all episodes in the UK).

Stories by Ann Cleves, Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, Maxim Jaubowski & Stella Duffy.



Hibernian Homicide

Three new stories of mystery and intrigue from some of Northern Ireland’s very best crime writers: Colin Bateman, Claire McGowan and Stuart Neville. (all episodes in the UK available until then of February 2015)

Colin Bateman explores how a woman’s chance encounter in a supermarket reawakens her painful past and stirs an overwhelming desire for vengeance, while Claire McGowan bring us the story of an archaeological dig which becomes a crime scene upon the discovery of a young woman’s body, and Stuart Neville tells of a minister who is asked to commit an unspeakable crime for one of his parishioners. But why? And will he do it?



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